Monday, September 12, 2005

Firewall Leak Tests

Personal Notes: You'd be surprised!

This website will, on one hand, allow you to test your firewall thanks to different test programs, and on the other hand will show you a global view of vulnerabilities of the most common personal firewall in a summary page.

Nowadays, threats from the Internet are growing, both from the inside and the outside. To answer to a security need from Internet users (us), security software firms have created "personal firewalls", software acting like firewalls on user's computers. These personal firewalls have network level filtering like dedicated firewalls (hardware, dedicated) that we will name "network filtering", and an outbound application filtering that we will name "software filtering".

Due to the fact that most of these personal firewalls offer reasonable protection against inbound attacks coming from the Internet, we will only study here their software filtering, outbound filtering that can be stressed by Trojans which try to initiate themselves by connecting you to the author so that he can hack you.

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