Monday, November 28, 2005

Network Analyzer / Sniffer

Analyzer 3.0

My notes: Simple configuration and easy to comprehend. The filtering features via GUI is very helpful... we can even filter traffic by application. Ethereal is known as the mother of all sniffers .... i liked the GUI of Analyser 3.0 very simple and better than ethereal.

Analyzer 3.0 notes on its website
Analyzer is a packets capture tool; it captures packets from network and it displays them through a graphical interface. The user can choose the network adapter (used for the capturing and monitoring process), specify an appropriate filter, select, copy and paste packets. Advanced features concern both the possibility to make (and plot) some advanced statistics on the captures packets and to plot statistics in real time (number of packets flowing through the network and so on).

Monday, November 14, 2005

Nice Utility for PCs -- services, processes, tcp, arp,

My Notes
Great utility to do all tasks from one program...
it has features of sysinternals tools such as tcpview n filemon, plus a lot more

Direct Download Link

Notes from the Website
Ekinx is a tool making it possible to list the configuration and the use of Windows.A series of several mitres will give you a direct access: ¤ with the processes in progress ¤ with the services and drivers ¤ with connections networks ¤ with the Arp table ¤ with the principal short cuts of Windows¤ with the realization of Optimization ¤ with a graphic posting of the occupation of the various hard disks ¤ with various information on the system and its peripheralsIn addition to the informational aspect, the application will enable you to finish a process, to change its priority or to visualize its modules (DLL).In the same way, the list of the services makes it possible to start, stop or remove a service. All the other sections will also enable you to intéragir with the system