Monday, November 14, 2005

Nice Utility for PCs -- services, processes, tcp, arp,

My Notes
Great utility to do all tasks from one program...
it has features of sysinternals tools such as tcpview n filemon, plus a lot more

Direct Download Link

Notes from the Website
Ekinx is a tool making it possible to list the configuration and the use of Windows.A series of several mitres will give you a direct access: ¤ with the processes in progress ¤ with the services and drivers ¤ with connections networks ¤ with the Arp table ¤ with the principal short cuts of Windows¤ with the realization of Optimization ¤ with a graphic posting of the occupation of the various hard disks ¤ with various information on the system and its peripheralsIn addition to the informational aspect, the application will enable you to finish a process, to change its priority or to visualize its modules (DLL).In the same way, the list of the services makes it possible to start, stop or remove a service. All the other sections will also enable you to intéragir with the system


website analyzer said...

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I tend to have a soft spot for blogs related to webmaster analyzer and /or sites that have a central theme around webmaster analyzer type items.

Once again, thank you, hope you don't mind if I visit again sometime :-)

Sharuk said...

You didn't publish any web address for readers to download this utility and try it out. I searched the name on google and found this address ;
is this same thing u said in post. 1 problem is that this page is not in english. Another thing that didn't understand is how this utility useful to home computer users.

Jibran Ilyas said...


use the following URL...

if you ever want to translate a foreign language page to english, use the goolgle language tools OR if u use internet explorer, you can simply right click on the page and select "Translate this page into English" and happy browsing from there on..

The direct download link is

The utility is in french too, but u can go in properties and change the language to english.. To do that, run the exe file, and choose "Proprietes" from the left frame of the program and find the French on that screen.. change that to english from the dropdown box.

Jibran Ilyas said...

followup to the comment above... when u select english in "proprietes", you have to click on "Applilquer" [apply]

uses for home users

1. you can check the tcp and udp connections from your machine

2. you can check ur arp table

3. Services, Processes, Disk Drives, and startup are common windows feature.. this utility brings all of those in one program to save clicks in diagnostics

Sharuk said...

thank you jibran for the info on dis 'n other post