Monday, November 07, 2005

New Technology Tips and Tricks: Put GeekSquad Out of Business

New Technology Tips and Tricks: Put GeekSquad Out of Business


Sharuk said...

I tried to work on this program but couldn't connect to the other computer. Have you tried this program personally

Jibran Ilyas said...


there are many steps in there... send me ur helpdesk.txt and verify the port forwarding thing on ur router... If u have followed the steps, then u r just a couple of fixes from running it.

Sharuk said...
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Sharuk said...

Below This line is helpdesk.txt
CFT :: Client Application

Internet support
-connect X.X.X.X:5500 -noregistry

Internet support encryption
-plugin -connect X.X.X.X:5500 -noregistry

Double Click to make a connection

Before making a connection

Please Call +1(X)555-5555 to get your ticket


Client Application

CFT PC support

Visit Website


STOP test

Establishing connection ...

5 min try period

If it fails, the software will remove itself

from your system.

Connection active.

Warning, your desktop is remote visable

You can break the connection any time

by using the close button

After converting this folder in .exe then I need to provide the new .exe file to recipient to connect to my pc. So, to make this connection possible do I also need to run UltraVNC Viewer (Listen Mode) app. or server app. at the same time when the recipient run that .exe file.
if you don't understand, plz try IM with me, any time in day at
Don't worry no id or registeration required.