Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How to be a geek

well, don't get carried away by the title. If you feel hesitant being among the elite or atleast average tech. people, here is a guide that will get you to. This is the mother of all tutorials for the relevant stuff.... i simply loved it.

Interesting fact: Tutorials compiled by a female... hmmm

Some of my favorites

-Tech support with UltraVNC SingleClick
-Improve your web site with Google Analytics
-Mastering Wget
-The art of asking
-Intro to CygWin

Its all here


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Windows Command Line Guru

Browsing to programs and utilities in windows shell (explorer) takes several clicks and a lot of wasted seconds...whereas running those utlities from Start-->Run is quite convenient.
Well, you probably know how to get to the command prompt, calculator and may be even internet explorer from Start-->Run. Here is a guide that can get you to other places quicker.

Authors Page:

Some of my favorites

regedit - For Registry Editors
control folders - Folder Properties (where u get "view hidden files" option)
ncpa.cpl - Network Connections
notepad - google it :D
rsop.msc - Try it for yourself (especially if u r on a domain)
services.msc - Services management
eventvwr - Event Viewer