Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vista Theme on XP

This is one of the neatest theme on WinXP -- the Vista theme..
I luved it... here is how you can install this on your PC
Download from this website

You also need to hack UXTheme.dll, here is how

Try the following if you go with the patch and it doesn't work... this solution is a bit manual, but guaranteed to work

sometimes the multi-patcher will not work and you will have to patch it manually. the best way to do this is to grab the appropriate uxtheme file from here:

and download a copy of replacer:

extract the contents of replacer to an empty folder. run replacer.cmd and drag in the original uxtheme.dll, then drag in the modified uxtheme.dll that you downloaded, and let it replace the file. reboot when prompted.
(thanks to user "speed" from neowin)

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