Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Remote support -- thank you

Being a comp. geek isn't an easy life style, especially if you also have the itch to solve problems. Sometimes, you just wish you had total control on the device that you are troubleshooting or atleast see what your friend/user at the other end is seeing. Its not very often that supply meets demand or the demand meets supply, but we've got a good case here. Our demand is for a free tool to control or see the remote machine. Here are two which are free, atleast currently.

This one lets you control the machine. Control of a device gets very sensitive when it comes to its security, so here is a whitepaper for this technology; decide it for yourself. Check page 7 & 8 for some visual explanation. It does use SSL/TLS.

This one lets you see the live screen

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Toby Kavukattu said...

A colleague of mine uses LogMeIn, it is really nice, easy to use, and the monthly cost is feasible if you handle support issues regularly. We find it especially useful on our website, when a customer calls complaning about something, our techs can send them an invitation and quickly look at their computer, and the user can just sit back and watch.