Thursday, February 01, 2007


Its all about the tools, ain't it.
Well, here are plenty of tiny tools to help you...

Not all of 'em are free or the best for the purpose... but they are darn useful and crafty. You'll be surprised to see how these small utlities (13kbs or some) have the same functionality as their multi-MB counterparts.

If you are a starter in this field, check out as many as these tools to understand your PC and the network. Enjoy!

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Sharuk said...

Tinyapps remind me of days when we used to build small teenie-tiny programs in GW-Basic.
Anyways just couple of months ago Some guy build one app a day for a month. So total of 30 Apps he made using visual basic.Check his site link
He calls himself Software Jedi
His next project is AnAppAWeek