Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Long time no see

No, I didn't quit the blog. I was preparing for CCNA all that time ; finally took the exam and passed it. So, what about the time we missed on the tools and utilities.. Well, here is something to compensate

List of Tools --- great list

Cool Clock

Cool 404 Error


Ebook Manic said...

Hello Jibran Ilyas,

I am based in the UK and I stumbled across your post " Long time no see ".
I'm quite keen on finding any useful information on automated ebooks. I found some good stuuf on automated ebooks but I wondered whether you may have any advice on the best resources out there.

Thanks in advance.

Sharuk said...

Salaam J,
it looks like u r very buzy these dayz.
ur post says "long time no see" but apparently u r the one who is "NO SEE"

anywayz internet explorer 7 beta version is out now.

take care,
- hasan